Basics of American Sign Language and Deaf Cultural Awareness

Join a local Baltimore sign language interpreter to learn more about how to communicate with the American Deaf community. Learn the sign language alphabet, alternative communication methods, a brief history of the Deaf community in America, and how to interpret a song in American Sign Language.

The Baltimore Free School
North Avenue Knowledge Exchange
Part of
April 21 #NAKExchange Day!
Saturday, April 21, 2018 12:15 - 1:45 PM

Have you ever been entranced by the American Sign Language interpreters at the front of a graduation stage, church service or concert? Have you ever encountered a Deaf individual at your place of work or at a social event and wished you could comfortably approach and communicate? In this course, you will learn basic American Sign Language as well as communication methods and approach when interacting with members of the Deaf community. Participants will learn the ASL alphabet, a little history of the language, non sign-based communication techniques and how to interpret a song! Open yourself up to another aspect of American culture and language, enriching your skills to communicate with Deaf and hearing cultures alike, and promoting inclusion and a deeper understanding of another culture that is peppered throughout our country. Come give your brain and body some beautiful, fun, stimulating exercise and learn something totally new! Participants should bring: Their hands, any questions and an open mind.