Creating Balance as an Activist/Advocate

Maryland Institute College of Art
Darlene Cain

Due to the overlap and stress in one's schedule; we feel the need to be super heroes and want to be everywhere with lack of rest, self-care and taking time for relaxation family and entertainment and vacations.

I discovered you can't do it alone and be everywhere..fortunately I learned how to care for myself watching people post on fb how they were getting admitted in the hospital for stress so I decided since I work in a hospital I won't become a patient but help others instead by loving themselves and still be able to live their Legacy so it can be honored and passed on.

Instructor Bio:

My name is Darlene Cain, President and Founder of Mothers On The Move. If you haven't heard my story yet, you will soon understand why I am so passionate about this cause. My prayer is to join with other families that are living through the terrible tragedy that I'm struggling to deal with everyday. Together, we can all stand side by side in support, raising awareness, building resources and assisting each other to obtain justice and closure for our lost loved ones. Together, we can make a difference...

After experiencing the death of my son Dale I became an Activist/Advocate and traveled around the world to spread awareness and be part of the change to have Laws changed for accountability for Police Brutality Gunsense Domestic Violence and all act of Violence. I also started my Organization Mothers On The Move,Inc.-Mothers On The Move is a support network of and for victims families. We are an organization of advocates fighting for stronger laws against police brutality. We are a place of hope for the hopeless. We are all one family in search of truth, justice and renewed faith in America's justice system.