The Power of Our Words : Affirmations & Meditation with Alanah Nichole

Alanah Nichole is a vibrant, bubbly and at the nougat big-heart, belly and booty having community driven mother, organizer & friend to all. She will lead you through 90 minutes of non-traditional yet energizing workshop style affirmations for your mind, body and spirit, Expect Growth

Maryland Institute College of Art
Alanah Nichole
Saturday, December 9, 2017 12:15 - 1:45 PM

The Power of Our Words : Affirmation & Meditation" is a workshop style class that Alanah has presented throughout the city and can be executed in any space with four walls and people open to change & growth.

In the workshop she encourages attendees to do three MAIN things:

1. Meditate on what has been and What is to Come

2. Use Affirmation to grow belief - Certain spiritual texts quote words as having the power of life and death (Heavy I know) But they also carry the power of everything else (Change, Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Light & much more)

3. Leave the space knowing that these practices are not limited to the address of the workshop but know belongs to their mind and can be executed when and where they want.

Instructor Bio:

Alanah Nichole is a local Event Curator, Host, Writer/Poet, Healer, Meditation Facilitator and Much More. Alanah regularly guides meditation out of Impact Hub Baltimore for local Non-Profit "Brown and Healthy" every 2nd & 4th Tuesday at 7pm, as well as other Guiding Experiences around the city of Baltimore. Much More than an Open Mic is a 2 Year Old Open Mic also Founded & Hosted by Alanah where she formulated her theory of the power of expression and inclusiveness being two very powerful tools for healing. Creating a platform for people to share in a safe space & heal in a non-judgment space is important and vital to social, mental & spiritual health.